Antiquities, and a perfect carrot cake cheese cake for Easter sunday

First it was only carrot cake I somehow got obsessed with. All those tempting recipes around … thoroughly – and much to my friends, neighbours and colleagues delight – I did extensive research… Continue reading

Even more spring herbs and veggies – Pizza with asparagus, spring onions, wild garlic, arugula and smoked ham

It’s still spring! It’s warm outside, the trees are covered in white and pale green and as I walk along the woods, I can clearly smell garlic now. Wild garlic. A few years… Continue reading

My work space IV: Storage and decoration

May I invite you to another closer look around my redesigned working place? This time you will mainly see where I store all my stuff – perhaps we shouldn’t exaggerate and speak of… Continue reading

Herbivore – Spring quiche with fresh herbs

When did all the spring herbs, veggies and fruits grow? It appears that out of a sudden cabbages, roots, pears and apples had to make room for spring onions, wild garlic, asparagus, strawberries… Continue reading

My work space III: Geometric felt coasters

Hey, I am just hopping in for a quick and easy DIY and a brief insight into my working space – where at the moment most of my life takes place. :( So,… Continue reading

It’s magic – Crema catalana cake

You`ve probably alread heard of this magic custard cake that is spreading throughout the internet. It’s magic because in the oven the batter forms different layers and you’ll end up with a soft… Continue reading

My work space II – Folded book into mail holder

My guilty conscience started in the moment I entered the antiquarian book shop. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the owner could read it in my face – that I didn’t want… Continue reading

Friday night – Cheesy filo triangles with fig chutney

As you may know I am a real sucker when it comes to cheese-sweet-fruit-sauce-combination. A nice little cheese plate on a friday night when I had been to weekly farmers market, some slices… Continue reading

My work space I – DIY geometric memory board and masking tape holder

Already weeks have passed since I promised to show the outcome of my working space redo. Ans still there are some things in progress, some improvements to make. Anyway I decided to start… Continue reading

Juicy – Citrus pound cake

I know, it’s only a few days ago that I claimed that I am more into savoury than sweet dishes around this time of the year. Yeees, that’s still right, but then –… Continue reading