South Tyrol I: Alpine hideaway in the Passeier valley

“Mountains or sea?” a colleague lately asked me. “Mountains”,I answered spontaneously! Living in the middle of Europe, maximally far away from all oceans, the sea always will always be exotic for me. And… Continue reading

Happy Easter 2014

With this first picture of our latest trip to South Tyrol I am wishing you all happy Easter holidays! I will be back soon with some more impressions of beautiful Alto Adige.

Antiquities, and a perfect carrot cake cheese cake for Easter sunday

First it was only carrot cake I somehow got obsessed with. All those tempting recipes around … thoroughly – and much to my friends, neighbours and colleagues delight – I did extensive research… Continue reading

Even more spring herbs and veggies – Pizza with asparagus, spring onions, wild garlic, arugula and smoked ham

It’s still spring! It’s warm outside, the trees are covered in white and pale green and as I walk along the woods, I can clearly smell garlic now. Wild garlic. A few years… Continue reading

My work space IV: Storage and decoration

May I invite you to another closer look around my redesigned working place? This time you will mainly see where I store all my stuff – perhaps we shouldn’t exaggerate and speak of… Continue reading

Herbivore – Spring quiche with fresh herbs

When did all the spring herbs, veggies and fruits grow? It appears that out of a sudden cabbages, roots, pears and apples had to make room for spring onions, wild garlic, asparagus, strawberries… Continue reading

My work space III: Geometric felt coasters

Hey, I am just hopping in for a quick and easy DIY and a brief insight into my working space – where at the moment most of my life takes place. :( So,… Continue reading

It’s magic – Crema catalana cake

You`ve probably alread heard of this magic custard cake that is spreading throughout the internet. It’s magic because in the oven the batter forms different layers and you’ll end up with a soft… Continue reading

My work space II – Folded book into mail holder

My guilty conscience started in the moment I entered the antiquarian book shop. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the owner could read it in my face – that I didn’t want… Continue reading

Friday night – Cheesy filo triangles with fig chutney

As you may know I am a real sucker when it comes to cheese-sweet-fruit-sauce-combination. A nice little cheese plate on a friday night when I had been to weekly farmers market, some slices… Continue reading