So nuts – Hazelnut cocoa energy bites

A few days and Sweden will welcome us for holiday! It’s now about washing the last machines of clothes, making stacks around the appartment with things we want to take with us, watering… Continue reading

Not saving the world … but at least planting a tree

If I am reflecting my life – my approch to comsumption, to live, my everday routines – during the last years I can definitely see a growth in consciousness. It’s about appreciating the… Continue reading

Summer salad inspiration – and a forced break

Sweet Corn, Peach, and Cherry Salad with Creamy Goat Cheese and a Lime Dressing – The Flourishing Foodie I could have prepared some blog posts in advance for the time when my camera… Continue reading

It’s becoming a tradition – Soul food weekend

In the woods … yes it is again this (and this) remote place in the palatine forest the middle of nowhere where we spend again two days of cooking, baking, eating, relaxing, celebrating… Continue reading

Sensory – Tactile bean bag pairs game for toddlers

My little godson is so curious. At the moment he’s in his oral phase. He is exploring everything by putting it in his mouth and you carefully have to watch him, because everything… Continue reading

Dream garden – Romance needs hard work

Last week my mother celebrated her birthday – a good occasion for a short stay at my parent’s house. As it is a family tradition the birthday was celebrated with old friends …… Continue reading

… some more homemade ketchup variations

After my first experiment in ketchup making – all of it already eaten or given away as presents – I made a second batch last weekend … or to be precise three variations… Continue reading

My new love affair – Apricot marzipan scones

This has been a hot week around here in Germany – with destructive thunderstorms as “side effects” … we could talk about climate change, and a lot could be said about this … … Continue reading

Indigo shibori dyeing … and a tote, a clutch and a pouch

I really do enjoy sewing. After a long break when I used my sewing machine only to trim new trousers, I realized this again. If you watched me while I am sewing you… Continue reading

Fruity and smoky – Homemade tomato rhubarb ketchup

Suddenly it seams that ketchup is improving every meal. – I guess, I am obsessed. Withing two weeks it has become my go-to condiment. How come? It all started with this recipe I… Continue reading