Ephemeral delight – Schiacciata all`uva

Schiacciata 1

It’s harvest season and I am – again – excited and paralysed at the same time. It’s always the same story: so many great seasonal produce before winters comes and there will be mainly cabbages and beets – both not my favourites. But where to start before they are gone? Chantarelles and porcini, artichoke, pumpkin, figs and grapes, apples, pears and quinces…
Visiting the farmers market can freak you out!

Schiacciata 2

Worse: you see all those mouthwatering recipes on blogs, in magazines, your cookbooks and just want to try them ALL! Immediately!

I had bookmarked a few grape recipes and when I’ve been to the market a few days ago and I saw those dark blue, nearly black wine grapes, I knew which recipe I would start with: Schiacciata all`uva – an easy to make tuscan sweet focaccia. The essential ingredient: wine grapes (not table grapes!). Via Food 52 I came across this recipe of Emiko Davis and closely followed her instructions (only halvening the quantities).

Schiacciata 3

Schiacciata 4

The recipe kept it’s promises: Flavourful juicy grapes bedded in a fluffy dough, slightly, but not too sweet. Dusted with icing sugar and eaten fresh – what a autumnal delight! I even overcame my aversion with grape seeds (wine grapes have big ones – and don’t even try to pit them), and I can fully agree with Emiko: their crunch are part of the delicacy of this schiacciata.

I still have some leftover grapes and I’m thinking of giving this savoury grape and onion bread a try … opr perhaps those grape handpies? – it all looks so delicious!

Schiacciata 5