My first bag

While I have some experience in cooking, baking & Co., I am a real beginner in sewing.

Last christmas I had the wish of a sewing machine so I could learn sewing and hopefully be soon able to make a lot of nice things myself. Actually my parents gave me this old Pfaff sewing machine which I tried to get familiar with.

I had collected some sewing patterns for a while to be prepared when I would get started. A few weeks ago I  finally bought some fabrics – quite uncoordinated, because I didn`t kew (and know) much about the different kinds fabrics. For my first sewing steps I also decided not to by the most expensive ones, this appeared to me to risky…

As I am not good and experienced in reading complicated sewing instructions I decided my first sewing project to be the ‘Summer Madras Tote’ of noodlehead presented during the free pattern month on Grosgrain – I felt able to follow this tutorial.

In the end it really wasn`t that difficult, and – totally motivated – I also started to pimp the original pattern a little bit: I made my own handles, fitting the rest of the bag and I added a small pocket inside the bag. I find this to be very practical. After I got my wallet stolen for three times now, I am a little bit paranoid and I prefer to store this safe, best in an inside pocket of the bag I am carrying with me…


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