Jammy strawberry cake

It was already a few days ago when I read this strawberry cake recipe on smitten kitchen. I had nearly forgotten about it …

till I walked by this market stand which had so mouthwatering ripe and juicy strawberries that I couldn’t walk past and decided to give this both easy and promising recipe a try.

It is basically a simple cake batter and strawberries, but: first of all it is a whole lot – 500 grams – of strawberries. The other thing which makes this simple cake a special one is its baking time, about one hour. This turns your strawberries into sweet, jammy isles. Great!

The amount of sweet strawberries made me reduce the sugar to 120 g – still sweet enough. I also replaced half of the all-purpose flour with wholegrain flour which gives a crunchy contrast to the pulpy strawberries.

Because normally you won’t eat a cake all on your one, baking is per se a very social thing. It gives you the reason for inviting friends for coffee an cake. So did I!

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