I am a fan of Anna and her noodlehead blog, especially of all her sweet little pouches. Inspired by her tutorials I created my own ones: a pencil pouch and a mini wallet with a key ring loop.

At first I found the instructions kind of confusing. With all those “right sides together”, “flip”, “right side down”, “turn on the other side” it is difficult not to loose orientation. But once you got the principle of making this type of pouch – even if through trial and error like me – it isn’t difficult anymore.

For the exterior of the mini wallet I used leftover pieces of denim (about 10 x 6 cm; as you can see, I didn’t cut very straight…). As I am not a very tall person I regularly have to shorten my trousers, so to be more precise: those are the clippings of the jeans I lately bought. But with a bit of lining fabric, a zipper and tape they transform into a cute little pouch!

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