I discovered my passion for rolls – sewed rolls. They are such space-saving, transportable and good-looking cases for nearly everything.

I started with a roll for all my knitting needles and crochet hooks which have been real chaos so far, all mixed up and entangled. I adapted the pattern from Joannes crochet hook roll tutorial on Today We Made and made a few changes.

This went quite well, so I started my own experiment. For a while I was looking for a good looking way to transport my wet swimming togs with me – an alternative to the good old plastic bag – so, why not a roll? For this one, which obviously had to be water-repellent inside, I decided to use the offcut of a shower curtain I had stored … I knew I could use this sometime for some kind of craft stuff. I also used it for the bag inside.

For the exterior I used a robust furnishing fabric. My idea was that I could use this roll as well as seat pad at the beach or lake. So, here`s my swimming-tods-carriage-seat-pad-all-in one.

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