Pleated handbag

Last time I’ve promised to post a few pictures of my latest sewing projects. Actually, there aren’t a lot that I can present at the moment, because most of the things I’ve been sewing are destined to be birthday or – yes! – christmas presents.  So, I’m really sorry, but you need to be a bit more patient…

The bag on this pictures is my adapted version of the pleated tote from Laura at Thimble. Sewing this wasn’t that difficult, but it quite took me some hours to finish it with all its details. But – at least in my opinion – it fully payed off. Also I am fairly proud of my idea to use this simple blue-striped fabric vertical as well as horizontal – it adds a nice effect.

For my version, I scaled the pattern down in size – as seen in my rough sketch – so it became more a handbag than a beach bag as in the  original tutorial.

As I didn’t have a magnetic snap at hand I changed this point into a tab with a regular snap fastener.

Also, when it comes to interior pockets, I prefer the ones that are hidden inside the lining.  It’s a matter of taste, for sure, but you definitely shouldn’t be scared of sewing this kind of zippered pocket – it certainly is not kindergarten, but it isn’t the Mount Everst of sewing either. Comprehendible, detailed tutorials that show you how to insert an zipper can be found for example here or here.

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