Caramel pudding with pear compote

I had used not all of the pears I had bought at the market for my gorgonzola-pear-pizza, but they were fully ripe and juicy – they would have survived maximally one more day. I decided to use them in a quick compote with a hint of ginger – in the end, actually only one pear made it into the compote, the others went straight into my stomache…

I combined this  leftover pear with a creamy caramel pudding I just decided to make without a concrete recipe. It worked surprisingly well! And I managed not to create a whole burnt caramel mess in the kitchen – I already have some experience in that…

ingredients (2 p.)

3 tablespoons sugar, 100 ml milk, vanilla, 1 teaspoon starch, 2 eggs

1 pear, 1 tablespoon sugar, dash of ginger powder


First step to caramel pudding is … making caramel. Therefore melt sugar in a small pot. Reduce heat and carefully add milk and a bit of vanilla. Stir until caramel has fully dissolved and set aside. In a small bowl whisk eggs and starch. Then – spoon by spoon – mix caramel milk with whisked eggs. Put back on the stove and heat till it is just before boiling. Stir for another 2 min. Then fill cream into small glasses and let it rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

For the compote I diced my leftover pear (I didn’t bother to remove the peel, but you could if you wanted), melted sugar in a small pot and simmered diced pear in there for a few minutes, adding a dash of ginger powder.

I served the pudding with lukewarm pear compote on top.


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