Great news for food bloggers and passionate readers of food blogs: The German womens magazine Brigitte is from now on presenting and awarding food blogs their readers and a jury love. At least one of the jury members you’ll probably know: It is Nicole from Delicious Days – one of the first food blogs I began to follow and admire, actually not only me, but 5000 other readers, too.

Thanks to thisBRIGITTE-Food-Blog-Award initiative Christina and her nice blog New Kitch on the Blog called my attention. And it was during browsing her blog, when I first read about Chatschapuri – I had never heard or read that word before, not to mention that I had no idea what it was. In my imagination it could have been a lot of things: a nepalese goat species, a japanese vulcanic mountain, a specially brewed indian tea or whatever, I had no idea. Guess what’s the right answer – Chatschapuri is a georgian kind of bread filled with cheese and herbs. And I thought I know a bit about different regional and national culinary specialities, but this definitely escaped my notice, until now: I felt challenged by this discovery.

I also had about two handful various fresh herbs (basil, rosemary, parsley, oregano, marjoram, thyme) which I picked in our friends garden. I originally wanted to use them for some ricotta-herb-filled homemade pasta, but then … Chatschapuri!

By the way, I came to enjoy these herbs, because I was chosen by our friends to look after their garden and indoor plants, while they’re on holidays. I think they based their decision on the – unproofen – assumption, that people who are good in cooking are naturally good in gardening, too … we will see. As there is no lack of rain at the moment (understatement of the century!), my task actually is reduced to water the indoor plants, while I have the permission to harvest vegetables and herbs. Good deal, in my opinion!

As there are a lot of variations of Chatschapuri, for this first trial I stayed about with the recipe of Christina and filled the yeast dough with a mixture of feta cheese, hard goat cheese, curd cheese and lot of herbs. For the preparation I orientated myself als well on this article of the FAZ. Following this, I first rolled out the dough, then coated the middle of the circle with the cheese filling and cut in the edges so that the whole thing looked like a wheel (as seen on the picture). Then I folded in the edges, covering one another other and leaving no holes. In a third step, I carefully rolled the filled dough again flat and brushed it with an egg yolk-milk-mixture. I baked it in the oven at 190° C, but not as suggested one hour but only 35 min. – this was more than sufficient. The bread already got a little bit to dark on top and a bit dry. I think 20 or 25 min. are way enough.

I think, Chatschapuri is great dish to bring along to picnics, buffets or the like. I will.


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