Mountain retreat

School has started again, and work  as a teacher is absorbing most of my time these days…

The more I enjoyed, that last weekend I could trade  this in for a short escape to the Alps. With my whole family I spend two days hiking in the Tannheimer Tal in Austria, right behind the Austrian-German border. As we don’t see each other all the time, it was great to spend this time in the mountains together, where we enjoyed the impressive panorama, the smell of mountain pines, the sound of roaring stags, the warming autumn sunlight… On the Otto-Mayr-Hütte where we stayed overnight we could also experience the real alpine hut feeling: playing cards, listening to the more or less successful intonation of a very broad spectrum of songs by the group of hikers on the neighbouring table as well as sleeping in the dorm with earplugs. And, as hiking always makes you as hungry as a bear – at least me – we ate masses of spaghetti bolognese, cheese dumplings, Germknödel (filled yeast dumplings) and of course Strudel, in my case an apricot-curd cheese-strudel, drowning in custard…great!

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