Luxury breakfast with sea-buckthorn jelly

Thanks to the regional products market I visited the day before with a friend, I came to enjoy one of the best sunday breakfasts: fresh croissants from the bakery next door (which is nice enough to open on sundays) dunked in my lucky buy from the market: sea-buckthorn jelly. Sea-buckthorn jelly or jam is rare to find here around, so every time I see it, I have to grab one. This jelly – actually it is more like a smooth jam – from Lichtensteiner, who are specialising in wild fruit and vegetable products, is my favorite, because it is simply sea-buckthorn berries and not too much sugar, so the acidic taste isn’ t covered. It is sooo delicious … and healthy, because sea-buckthorn contains a lot of vitamin C (actually 15 times as much as oranges), carotenes and polyunsaturated fats. If you like tart fruit jams (like I do), this should be just perfect!

Besides my beloved jelly there were a lot of other regional specialities to admire at this market, offered by local producers: various kinds of honey, juices, jams, cheese, sausages, edible snails, fruits, vegetables, flowers and the like. My decision between about 15 different types of mustard at one of the market stands finally came to a balsamic-chocolate-mustard, which will be great with a bit of cheese and bread.

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