Black and White Wednesday: Flädlesuppe/Swabian pancake soup

Do you also have your dishes with this instant feel-good-guarantee? In my opinion,  it is usually about those simple dishes that remind us of our childhood. However, my favourite dish when I feel I urgently need a dose of coziness and well-being is this Flädlesuppe, which is literally a soup of small pancakes. It is a regional Swabian dish, which can be found in Austria as well under the name of Frittatensuppe. It is a totally easy and quick recipe, not spectacular at all – but  it immediately warmes stomach and heart.

Ingredients and preparation

It is basically sliced thin pancakes (not American pancakes, but more like crêpes) in a vegetable or beef stock. For my basic pancake recipe (2 p., about 6 pancakes) I use 200g flour, 2 eggs, about 300 ml milk and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Of course you can vary this, f. ex. by adding some chopped parsley or chives. After baking the pancakes, let them cool down for a bit and then roll up two or three together and slice them more or less thinnly (some people make a competition out of this, but you really don’t have to). Put a handful of them in a soup plate or bowl and pour stock over them. That’s it!

You can store left over Flädle by drying them on a big plate and filling them into a jar or plastic bag. But, as it`s really not rocket science, I would advise to make them fresh each time.

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One comment

  1. Anna

    Bei mir ist das die Haferflockensuppe…Haferlocken in Butter andünsten, mit Gemüsebrühe aufkochen, ordentlich einkochen lassen, so dass die Haferlocken schön weich sind, und dann mit mehr Gemüsebrühe wieder zur Suppe verdünnen…

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