Black and White Wednesday: Parmesan black pepper biscotti

Culinary presents – the perfect theme for a food blog event during pre-christmas season. I found this already a bit older recipe for Fremdkochen Kulinarische Geschenkeparmesan black pepper biscotti on Smitten Kitchen when I was looking for some nice little amuse bouche which would pair well with sparkling wine. Then I was also looking for something savoury, because I was left with a bit of a sugar overdose from baking (and eating!) some batches of cookies… (Great recipe from Nicole from Delicious Days, which can be highly recommended!)

So, when I saw the pictures of the parmesan pepper biscotti, I knew they would be my choice! I have already made italian cantuccini (almond biscuits) before, which are also made by baking them twice, first as log, then cut into thick slices. These biscotti are effectively the savoury brother of cantuccini and not less delicious. I followed the recipe of Deb and just halved the amount, which left me still with a packed baking tray of crispy, tangy, slightly hot biscotti.

This definitely won’t be the last time I’ ve baked these biscuits. They’re just too addicting and the perfect company for all sorts of wine – and as they are easy to keep, a perfect little present for all wine and cheese enthusiasts, Italy aficionados,….

Join Black and White Wednesday.

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