Paper into decoration!

BRIGITTE Weihnachts-BloggereiWhen I saw Jessicas¬† paper ball ornaments on her blog How About Orange I immediatly wanted to create my own one, with the help of her templates. I really admire her creative ideas. Then I stumbled across another papercraft-thing on Brigitte – Die Weihnachtsbloggerei … a paper lantern I rembered I had also made when I was a child…. which reminded me again of another folded paper lantern my sisters and me produced in masses around christmas time when we were younger. So I began to cut, fold and glue using the christmas wrapping paper I lately bought at IKEA ( the amount was perhaps a bit exaggerated).

The ball ornament is made out of twelve little flower shapes that are stuck together. Therefore you will need a bit of patience and and a steady hand, but hey: It’s worth it. Don’t you think the ornaments look absolutely stylish? It could as well be some super-expensive design object … almost. How to make the star shaped folded paper lantern you can learn in this¬† visual tutorial. I made one with my wrapping paper and one with a heavier-weight paper, the red one. I also coated this one with oil, a method to make the lantern transparent and more shiny. Put a tea light into your folded paper lanterns and in a moment your room will be filled with a warm and cozy, light-flooded atmosphere.


  1. I haven’t had time to do much origami lately, but I might have to try these before the holidays. The instructions that you linked to both look very thorough. In fact, I’m surprised by how easy the flower ornament looks.

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