Sew along – A belated report

Finally… here are the pictures of the skirt I sewed during my first Sew along hosted by Anna from Noodlehead, which is already a month ago now…time is just slipping away.

The pattern for this skirt is Simplicity 2226 which I purchased as PDF-version at As this was my biggest sewing project up to this point and I had no experience in sewing garment as well, all my thanks go to Anna! Without her comprehendible and encouraging step-by-step-tutorial I probably would have quit the whole thing before even cutting out the pattern pieces…Converting the sizes and finding the right one for me was one of the first and highest hurdles I had to clear – and in my first attempt I failed! The skirt just got too big. Anyway, I finished it and it will make a nice present now.

Starting the second version I decided to stick with my usual size. I also began with the waistband, checking out its fitting before sewing the rest of the skirt (Yes Anna, I should have listened to you from the start!). I then reduced the width of the skirt a bit, because in my first version I found the gathering a bit too much for the woolen fabric I had chosen and the skirt therefore a bit too bulky.

After five days of sewing, knowing that others were struggling as well with cutting, basting, gathering…, I held it in my hands: my first sewed skirt – a cute addition for my autumn and winter wardrobe.

I am owing Anna as well some new techniques in sewing: I am able to sew a blind hem now (Great new insight: these are the buttons on top of the sewing machine meant for!) as well as a French seam! Big personal progress!

On Flickr you can have a look at other 2226 skirts, f. ex. these:

 my skirtSimplicity 2226

Admire some more products of the sew along here, here, here and here… and now as well at Annas linky party.

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