How about orange? – Syrup and labels

Black and white? – Not today. There is just too much grey already outside. How about orange? – Yes! The recipe of Stephanies orange syrup with cardamom came just in time for the orange season. As she is very experienced in making all kinds of syrup I wholly trusted her recipe – and wasn’t disappointed. The syrup has a nice, not to intense, orange flavour which comes out of the juice of 10 oranges. There is added as well juice of two lemons to adjust the flavour just a bit into the sour direction. Vanilla and cardamom contribute a nice extra in the background. The syrup is delicious in cold as well as in warm drinks. Of course it will make a perfect christmas present as well.

My favorite way at the moment, when it just doesn’t stop to rain outside, my feet are cold and my hot water bottle is my best friend: orange syrup stirred into hot milk. Hmmmm…

During the last days I have also experimented a bit with creating my own labels. (In this way this post is of course as well an homage to Jessica from How About Orange who is writing one one my favourite creative blogs.) For the orange syrup – and obviously inspired by its colour – I designed two small labels to decorate the bottle: one with little polka dots, the other based on this design from Creative Roots called “24 Hours In Bengaluru”.

You can download the blank labels and use them for your homemade products (no commercial use). They’re about 5 cm in diameter, 12 of them fitting on one sheet of DIN A4 paper. Hope you have fun!

Download orange polka dots label (PDF, 2,2 MB)

Download yellow elephant label (PDF, 1, 5 MB)


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