Amadeus, Amadeus… – Praline marzipan chocolates with orange

Have you been to Salzburg or Vienna? – If yes, then Mozartkugeln is nothing new for you. In fact, there’s no way to miss them in those cities, where they’re sold on every street corner. Those sweet little chocolates with a praline core covered with pistachio marzipan and coated with dark chocolate were invented in 1890 by a confectioner from Salzburg as reminiscence of W. A. Mozart. Actually, in this original version by Paul Fürst the praline coveres the marzipan. Today the biggest producer worldwide of Mozartkugeln has its domicil in … Bavaria. That the whole thing about Mozartkugeln is deadly serious is illustrated by the legal proceedings between different producers. On German Wikipedia you can find this funny chart comparing the  appearance of Mozartkugeln from different vendors. Great fun! You shouldn’t take some things too seriously…

Therefore I want to make this clear in advance: I claim in no way my chocolates to be “the original” or “the true ones” etc.. They are just the best… 😉

I adopted the recipe from Kirsten and her blog Sugar and Spice, who again adopted it from Nicoles book “delicious days”, who again perhaps…

I left out all the coffee flavour and instead added 3 tablespoons of freeze-dried and blended oranges to the marzipan. Orange – almond –  chocolate: Just a great combination of flavour.

Making the chocolates is no big deal – and I can say this as an awkward and not very patient person, who f.ex. never manages to cut out things accurately. You just need a bit of time. But the result are some deliiiiicious and pretty looking chocolates.


  1. Thanks for the pointer: I had not seen the chart on wikipedia. Among the ones that I have tried, my favorite are the Reber, which I tasted during my first visit to Germany. Your Kugeln look fabulous, both in color and black and white. I honestly had never thought about making my own: you are an inspiration.

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