Little bags of sweetness – Hot chocolate powder

I hope you all had merry christmas days with your family and friends!

Actually, this post should have been written and published before christmas – as you can see, my prechristmas schedule didn’t fully work out. In the end I thought it would be more important to get my christmas presents and cards ready to give away and not only to write about it. Therefore you come to enjoy as well some pictures of my parents christmas tree decorations. I especially love the fine glass balls and icicles.

And, although the hot chocolate powder I made makes up a nice christmas present, the recipe isn’t out of date. Hot chocolate season isn’t over yet. Thinking about the snow storm that just  darkened the sky and whitened all roof tops within half an hour, I would say, not for a long time yet. As long as it is cold and snowy outside, my best friends are my warm woolen socks, the hot water bottle and a cup of hot chocolate. I am fond of all kinds of flavoured hot chocolate. The lasted one I’ve bought is called “Lemoncherry” and flavoured with (nobody would have guessed) cherry and lemongrass – a really interesting new combination from my favourite brand Beckscocoa from Munich.

The hot chocolate powder I made recently is flavoured with cinnamon, besides cardamom and ginger my favourite add-on. The base is a combination of blended dark chocolate, cocoa powder and sugar. No milk powder, because in my opinion it is totally unnecessary when you dissolve the chocolate powder in hot milk. I adapted Simones recipe from Pi mal Butter. To get a viscous chocolate like it is drunk in Italy (f.ex. Eraclea) she added as well some starch, which I left out, but you can do like you prefer.

Filled into some small homemade paperbags that fit perfectly into an envelope, the hot chocolate powder made up little christmas presents for all the people I couldn’t meet around christmas but reach by mail. For the paperbags I followed this easy tutorial and pattern. The cute and elegant labels are designed by Samantha. You can download them on her blog Elephant Shoes, where you will find a lot more decorational ideas and beautifully designed free printables as well.

ingredients: 200 g dark chocolate (70%), 150 g  cocoa powder, 120 g whole cane sugar , 1 teaspoon grounded cinnamon, [150 g starch]

preparation: Blend chocolate. To prevent the chocolate from melting while blending, put the chocolate in the fridge for about an hour prior to that and work step by step with small portions of chocolate. Blend as well cocoa powder and sugar. Mix all ingredients. Store dry and cool.

Stir 2 teaspoons of chocolate powder into a cup of hot milk until it is solved. If you have added starch you have to stir the powder into cold milk and heat it up slowly while stirring to avoid your hot chocolate from lumping.

Other hot chocolate recipes I want to try out:

Mexican Hot Chocolate  (Munchin with Munchkin)

Maple Hot Cocoa (Not Without Salt)

Hot Chocolate on a Stick (Funkytime)

White Hot Chocolate (Martha Stewart)


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