Thank you!

The last hours of 2011 are here and before this year full of work, tension and major decisions is over, I have to say a big “Thank you” to you, the (small number of) readers of my blog that I started in April this year. I wish you all a fabulous year 2012 and hope you will enjoy following my cooking and crafting adventures!

And as I am sitting here, just having prepared the dessert for New Years Eve dinner (mousse au chocolate, crème caramel and orange sauce), I can lay back for a bit and say “Thank you” as well for all the really great presents I got for christmas this year! As it is totally obvious that I am an incorrigible foodie, I got a lot of food and cooking related presents – each of them so lovely! Here’s a little selection to show you what I mean and what a lucky girl I am! They will all come into operation next year.

1. Spanish ceramic bowls, perfect for tapas

2. Tiny sugar hearts for food decoration

3. Original vintage chocolate moulds

4. Solid granite mortar and pestle

Template from Puglypixels.

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