My christmas sewing – A roundup

Due to obvious reasons this post couldn’t be published much earlier. Although the big season for handmade presents is over now, I still want to share with you my this last years projects for christmas. I can just encourage everyone to try one of those nifty, but not too difficult patterns.

1. Pocket Clutch – Keyka Lou, 2. 241 Tote – Noodlehead, 3. Organizer Wallet – LBG Studio, 4. Reversible Shopping and Library Tote, 5. Laptop Sleeve – Keyka Lou, 6. Zip Pocket Pouch – Keyka Lou

The reversible two-in-one shopping and library tote is my own design, for which I created a pattern based on one of my shopping bags. For sewing the two bags together I applied Novitas sewing technique. What makes the bag unique are the applications on both sides of the bag. It really took some time, but doesn’t it look gorgeous? For the vegetable and fruits on the ‘shopping side’ as well as for the writing on the ‘library side’ I used leftover fabric scraps and attached them with Vliesofix (double-sided adhesive interfacing). The font of Lesestoff (reading material) is Cairo from Dafont. To keep you from making the same logical mistake as me the first time: Keep in mind to print your writing mirror-inverted!

Hope all recipients are as delighted as me…

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