Font love

 During the last months I’ve downloaded a bunch of fonts to pretty up my blog. I also use them to design christmascards, tags and labels for homemade goods as well as work sheets for my pupils (although that is not much appreciated ;-)).

So, here’s a little showcase of my favourite fonts at the moment. I am in no way an expert in font design and I won’t pretend to be one: No talking about ligatures, serifs, etc. Have a look for yourself and have fun playing around. (If you’re interested in some more tricks and resources to enhance your blog design, have a look at the “Blog Design Boot Camp”.)

To me as a German there’s only one big gap that needs to be filled: Missing german umlauts (There isn’t even an english word for them!):

3Dumb, SS Adec Initials, Luck of the Irish, Lobster, Ostrich Sans Bold, Section Intersection, Vila Morena, Home Sweet Home, Dymo Font Invers, Made with B, Horseshoes, Sketch Block, Poisoned Apples


  1. Umlauts are often hiding in your font’s griff options – if you have adobe illustrator go to your view menu and highlight show gliffs – there (hopefully depending on the font) will be a wide array of European punctuations and extra flourishes! Have fun and thanks for the track back to our boot camp!

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