Striped paper balls – Christmas not required

I know, that a lot of people crafted those paper balls as a christmas decoration. For my part, I came to make them only after christmas. But in my opinion, if you use a more neutral paper – no stars and reindeers, no angels or santas – they make a light and filigran decorational item year-round. In my case they’re swinging right above my sewing place.

I tried a simple ball as well as the ball-in-ball version, which is – with the paper stripes folded in half – more like Jessicas little spaceship. The possibilities in making those striped paper balls are virtually endless – you will get very different ornaments depending on lenght, width and amount of your paper stripes respectively your wire or string inside.

For instructions how to create the paper ball in the top left of the picture above see this older post.

You can even make cool lamp shades using this technic.



  1. Anna

    Meine peppen die Ikealampe ein wenig auf…und manchmal lieg ich auf dem Sofa darunter und schau zu, wie sie von Wind (oder Heizungsluft) bewegt werden. Sehr beruhigend.
    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

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