Icy beauty

It is never too late to start something new, isn’t it? Last week I discovered the photo project Beauty is were you find it, hosted by Nic from luzia pimpinella, a beautiful blog full of inspiring ideas for crafting, sewing and great pictures. So, I decided to join this photo project, although I am not very good in sticking to such long time projects…ok, it is worth a trial.

The theme for this week is zwei [two]” – I immediatly thought about pairs, not very surprisingly,… and then THE pair of my week came to my mind: my warm, knitted gloves that my friend Anna gave me for christmas! These days, when the thermometer displays a constant minus sign and double digits, warming gloves seem to be a godsend – and definitely worth to be photographed.

The beautiful part of this icy weather are the ice formations on the nearby creek, that I can admire from my window. Today I dared to approach them to take a closer look and take some pictures. Obviously I couldn’t were my cloves while taking pictures, so the whole photo session took exactely as long as I could feel my fingertips. Again and again for me it is fascinating what amazing sculptures simple water and cold temperatur can create.

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