Am Wegesrand [on my wayside]

On my wayside – this weeks Beauty-is-where-you-find-it-theme, and look, what I’ve found: Just around the corner there’s this shabby bubble gum machine. Does anybody still use those automats? For me, they’re so totally 80’s … they remind me of my childhood when I went to primary school: Every day, me and my sister got from our parents 30 Pfennig to buy a cup of milk, which was sold at school during the break. We only bought our cup of milk occasionally. Most of the times, we either saved our money for two days to buy the more expensive chocolate drink on the second day… or we spend our money at the bubble gum machine which lay just on our way back home… sorry mum to tell you this only now, but these little probably as colourful as unhealthy little balls were just so much more desireable for a 7 years old than a cup of milk! Of course, today I am wise!

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