Magnetic – a quick DIY

After some weeks packed with lots of work, the forthcoming week with a little break to breathe deeply is more than welcome. There are a few half-finished blog posts (f.ex. my first Joana) and sooo many interesting projects that are buzzing in my head and want to be realized… Hopefully some of them will be! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a little teaser, a small but nice DIY which takes only a few minutes and falls into the category ‘Nifty everyday objects’. Obviously my magnets are inspired by the omnipresent washi tape… I couldn’t elude their attraction, too, as you may have recognized before at this, this or this point.

All you need for those little tape magnets are a few scraps of light weight fabric or paper, adhesive magnet sheet, a sharp X-Acto knive, scissors for fabric and optionally some scraps of transparent self adhesive film or clear coat.

For the paper magnet, I cut out a paper strip first, covered it with self adhesive film and then pressed it onto the adhesive side of the magnet. Alternatively, you could protect the paper with clear coat. With the fabric I proceeded the same way (just plain fabric). With a knife I carefully cut along the long sides of the paper respectively fabric strip. On the short sides I cut some torn looking edges to create the tape look. Some of them I also cut into little arrows – if you want to point your partner or kids to something veeery important, say f.ex. “Organic waste bin is full” or “Clean your room!”

Oh yes, by the way: I decided to take part in the Brigitte Kreativ-Blog Award. So, if gives you some inspiration and pleasure reading my sweet little blog, you can give me your heart here.


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