I sewed – Black and white dress/long shirt “Joana”

It is already a few days ago that I finished my first handmade dress/long shirt. It is a Jolijou pattern, that I bought after I saw some really amazing outcomes on Pinterest. Best thing about the pattern: it is totally flexible. You want a short shirt with long sleeves, a long T-Shirt, a flowered neck or one with a fake button panel…you can do everything with this one adjustable pattern. I can fully recommend to invest these 5,90 €. But I am afraid it is only available in German and Dutch language. For experienced sewers this won’t be a big problem. All in all it isn’t very complicated to sew, although I – a sewing apprentice with no experience in working with jersey – would have be happy about some more detailed explanations at this or that point. But hey: as you can see, I managed it.

Just the sizing… If you saw the other shirts, you may have recognized that the middle stripe is positioned around the hips, whereas my black stripe …eh, yes… got a bit out of place. As I am not the tallest person, I should have adjusted the proportions to my 1,55 m height… next time.

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