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Do you know the beautiful foldover clutches of Clare Vivier?! – Nooooo? Never heard of them? Never stumbled across them? – Apparently they’re THE must-have-acessory… I learned not long ago… I am not exactly what you would call a fashonista, but I did fell in love with these pouches – They’re minimalist and trés chic! Simple leather with contrasting zipper. Some of them have a trendy neon colour.

Of course, the creative blogosphere is always up to date and so there are already circulating some tutorials to make your own Vivier-lookalike-clutch. After being inspired enough (Have a look at the beautiful pouches I found here.), I started my own foldover clutch production, so I could be the coming style queen in town 😉

After going through my two big boxes of fabric, I went for two heavier weight fabrics for the exterior, two lighter ones for the lining of my bags. The first clutch I sewed with an ocre fabric and contrasting turquoise stripe, zipper and lining. For the second one I finally used the check fabric I had already bought in October (when I wanted to sew a nice winter skirt for me…), combined with a red zipper and lining.

The basis of this clutch is a 30 cm x 30 cm square (2 x exterior fabric, 2 x lining, 2 x interfacing). You will also need a 30 cm long zipper. The final size of the clutch will be around 28 cm x 28 cm.

The sewing itself is all but rocket science, if you are a little experienced. If you would rank yourself more amongst beginners or if you break into sweat just by looking at a zipper, I can deeply recommend the tutorials of Anna. You won’t be afraid anymore.

To add the a contrasting stripe to the ocre bag, I cut the outer fabric pieces into two parts, sewed them together with the stripe and did some topstiching by pressing the seam allowance to one side and sewing a line close to the seam. I finally cut the fabric back to a 30 cm x 30 cm square. (Of course, you can do some calculating, subtraciting the width of the stripe form the width of the main fabric, then adding again the seam allowance…)

If you are looking closely at the ocre clutch, you can also see, that I did a little bit of boxing at the bottom edges. (How to do? – Have look here.)

And if you’ve wondered about the red lace peeking out at the check clutch: Actually this is a laced bias tape that I simply sandwiched in when sewing in the zipper!

To get a better hold of the zipper I added some extensions to the pull tab. It’s a knotted simple red strap on the red zipper. On the turqouise one I used some twine and beads to make a easy macrame tab.

That’s it! Now you only have to learn about the different ways to wear your foldover clutch…

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