Homemade Brause/fizzy powder – Having a blast

I am not quite sure how widely known German Brause is. At least, it seams to be one of those products that are closely linked with Germany and don’t have an exact equivalent, like f.ex. Gummibärchen (gummi bears). Have a look at GermanDeli and you will find so much more. For all readers not familiar to “Ahoj-Brause“, you must have a look here. There won’t be any living German who isn’t immediatly reminded of his childhood… These little bags with their colourful loud design – already a visual explosion, which contain this fizzy sour powder – a simple mixture of citric acid, sugar, sodium bicarbonate and artificial flavour – that then explodes on your tongue…

Interestingly, Ahoj-Brause is still sold as beverage, to stir into water and create a soda pop drink – I don’t know anyone who consumes Brausepulver this way! What you’re doing instead is:

Version 1: Put a small portion of the powder on your hand, lick it, and wait for the reaction in your mouth.

Version 2: Lick your finger, press it into the powder in the bag and lick again.

Version for the tough ones: Put the fizzy powder of one bag into your mouth. Take a mouthful of water (attention) and gurgle…

A few years ago “Wodka Ahoj” was very popular on partys – a more adult way to enjoy Brause: Therefore you put the powder of a whole bag of Brause into your mouth, followed by a shot vodka. Now gurgle….

“Spass wie Bolle” [Having a blast]!

Since 1959 at the latest Brausepulver does have a sexual connotation, too. And it’s the responsibility of  Günter Grass and his famous novel “Blechtrommel” (“The Tin Drum”), in which a whole chapter is dedicated to “Brausepulver” . Read and be inspired ;-)…or watch the equally famous scene from the film adaption of Volker Schlöndorff (It isn’t spoken very much, so you don’t necessarily have to understand German.)

As said earlier, making the fizzy powder isn’t a big deal. The basic ingredients you will get in the baking section of your nearby supermarket. For the flavour of my Brausepulver I used some freeze-dried berries – rasberries and strawberries – I had bought a while ago that I pulverized. You can of course dry your own fruit and use them for the fizzy powder. Most recipes I read tell you to use flavoured jelly powder. This is the easiest way and you can have as well the popular woodruff flavour!

As you probably know, I had lately won some cute paper straws and for a few weeks now want to use them. So when I saw these homemade pixie sticks, I knew what my straws would be used for at first.

It definitely is kind of crazy to fill Brausepulver into small straws, and I created a real mess, …. but it is fun… and don’t they look so cute? I halfened the straws, pressed one end together, closed it with a staple, filled the straw and closed the remaining opening with another staple. I also folded some simple triangular bags, that I filled as well with the powder, closed them with some washi tape and added a popping little label.

3 tablespoons dried fruit (preferably berries), 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon citric acid (Adjust to taste and to the sweetness of your flavours.), 1/2 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate

Blend and sieve dried fruit to get rid of the little seeds. You will be left with about 2 tablespoons fruit powder. Mix with other ingredients. Fill into straws, little bags, glasses etc. Keep dry.


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