Cress, moss and a free Easter wallpaper

Sadly I don’t have a garden, not even a balcony. So, the only place for me to grow plants is indoors, best at the window. To bring spring feeling into the apartment one of my longtime rituals is to plant cress: Watching it grow, so selfsufficient – only a tissue, water and sunlight – from little seeds to bright green herbs is indeed uplifting. And when they’re fully grown, you’ve got the perfect addition for your egg sandwich, egg salad, or egg…. You will probably have a lot of chances to try out some new egg recipes during the  next weeks… (Need some inspiration? Have a look f.ex. here or here.)

My recipe for this simple and quick pasta with eggs and cress (2 p.):

Cook about 150g of tagliatelle, mix with 3 boiled and roughly chopped eggs, 1 tablespoon capers, 2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese and a bit of the cooking water from the pasta. Season with mustard, salt and pepper and top with cress. Enjoy!

And while bringing green colour into our apartment and preparing for the Easter holidays, I created a nice Easter themed wallpaper for my and your computer desktop!

Feel free to download this Happy Easter Wallpaper here

More green colour you find at Luzia Pimpinella.

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