A Portfolio Dress for me

I’ve got a crush on tunics – actually it is a quite longlasting love now. I already have some in my wardrobe, but for this years spring and summer I’ve planned to extend my assortment by sewing some for myself, cause I’ve found some really nice patterns. The first one to try out was the Lisette portfolio dress:

At this tunic dress I especially like the triangular front piece, slightly gathered on top and the comfortable big side pockets. Depending on the used fabric or combination of fabrics the tunic gains a whole new look. Have a look at the SewLisette Flickr pool, where you can find a lot of amazing examples from light summer to warm winter tunics, tops and dresses, colourful ones, elegant ones… I went for a single-coloured light pinstriped blue cotton fabric, ideal for spring and summer to wear with skinny jeans, leggings or tights.

The pattern from Lisette comes in three lengthes: top, tunic and dress. You can as well choose between a short and a three-quarter sleeve. After comparing the measurements on the instruction with my own ones (One never ceases to learn.), I decided to go for View B (tunic) which would mean for me to be in fact a tunic dress. Anyone else obviously should go for View A to end up with a dress. As I am not the most experienced sewer the step-by-step tutorial from Gwen and Chris turned out to be very helpful at some points.

But hey: It is less than one year ago that I got my sewing machine and made my first small steps, and now I am sewing my own dresses, tops and skirts! I would call this progress!


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