Natural coloured easter eggs and the beauty of cabbage

I didn’t have the intention to make a blog post on me colouring easter eggs, I mean, everybody seams to write about dyeing eggs with cabbage, beet root, curcuma, spinach…

I changed my mind about the blog post, when I started to cut the cabbage and I was faszinated once again about the great patterns nature creates! And I grabbed my camera… yes: MY camera! After having borrowed a good friends DSLRS for more than half a year now, I decided that it was time to get my very own one. So, all pictures you will see here from now on are proudly shot with MY OWN Nikon D3100!

Back to the eggs…er, yes, obviously I wasn’t the only one who wanted to colour them for easter – and not the first one… so: no chance to get any more white eggs. I had to settle for the brown ones.

For the blue dye I chopped and cooked a small red cabbage for about an hour, strained it and then reduced the coloured water a bit more. For the red colour I used beet root juice from the supermarket. To both dyes I added 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

And then I started to experiment with dipping the eggs into different little bowls, eggcups, …trying to achieve some ombré effects. You can see the result: the red colour worked better than the blue one, the brown eggs weren’t the best precondition. But: I made them!

To give the easter eggs some extra glow I gave a few drops of sun flower oil on a tissue and carefully polished the eggs with it.

When I saw how the dye turned out on the tissues – the violet and pink pattern I made acidently – I couldn’t just pour away all the dye. So, as a side product I made some light blue and pink dip dyed letter paper.

And now, I wish all of you a great Easter holiday!


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