Colour block – tote and clutch

Do I have to introduce you to the recent trend of colour block…, neon colour? I don’t think so, you can hardly miss it. As I decided it was time for a new, colourful tote for this summer – It isn’t wrong to buy or sew one new bag each season, is it? – I thought about combining those two summer trends.

I went for a basic grey fabric with contrasting turquoise, yellow and pink colour blocks. The triangular turquoise fabric piece adds a nice geometric interruption, as well as the vertical front zipper. Hidden behind the zipper is a little interior pocket for all the bits and bobs I carry with me. (Helful tutorials for this kind of inserted zipper you can find here or here.)

I made the pattern for the tote by varying the base of Annas 241 tote (you can roughly recognise) – more wide, less tall. The colour stripes on the front are 6 cm wide (+ seam allowance). To bring the triangle into the right size cost me some nervs, but I finally ended up with 11 x 11 x 16 cm (+ seam allowance).

As my sister was just as taken by the result of my sewing as I was, she opted for the same colours, when I offered to equip her with a must-have-foldover-clutch … probably a long-term effect of our mothers enthusiasm to dress us up as twins when we we’re younger. So here they are: coordinating tote and foldover clutch – and we are both prepared for the arrival of summer.

BTW: Wondering about these awesome, funky 70s fonts? They’re called Billo and Akka and can be downloaded on dafont.



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