A piece of me and a some explanations

A piece of me [“ein stück ich”] is this weeks theme of the Beauty-is-were-you-find-it-project. It made me reach the decision to give – after nearly a year of blogging – some explanation about pieces of me you won’t see on my blog:

You may have recognized that I am keeping secret some personal information, especially my family name and exact location, as well as pictures of my face. I know, that for some people this doesn’t fit together with the idea of blogging. But I have my reasons, and the strongest one is my profession. As some of you already know, I am working as a teacher and – including bad experiences of colleagues – I decided  to keep some details about me for myself – for my own security. A lot of other pieces of me, that I think are more important, I am sharing with you: my favourite recipes and sewing and DIY projects, my sucesses and failures, my thoughts and feelings. I hope that you, my readers, will respect this.

Today, the piece of me that I am drawing your attention to is my foot, my left foot. This small part of me had a not unimportant influence on my life. To be precise, it kept me from going the all to female way of becoming a shoe addict – basically because of the simple reason that most of the shoes don’t fit me or aren’t available in my Lilliputanian size. And as if it wasn’t complicated enough to have a (european) shoe size between 35 and 36 (US-conversion: between 4 1/2 and 5, UK-conversion: 3), my left foot is again smaller! So, to find a pair of shoes – in the children as well as in the adult section – that I like and that fits me is … kind of a wonder, but therefore saves me a lot of money…

For this picture I tried out the new online photo editing programm PicMonkey.  It has a lot of nice effects to play around, and some weird ones, too, f.ex. the wrinkle remover or spray tan.

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