Jump and relax – My tie-dye summer comfy trousers

I know that is quite a while ago since the last sewing blog post, but some things take their time, right? And there were a few steps to make for this final piece: my new super summer trousers which are – as you can see – perfect to jump around as well as to relax in the grass and which I hence wear as often as I can.

The pattern is far away from difficult: It basically consists of two leg pieces (that you should sew together the right way, guess who did it wrong the first time…) and a waist band. That’s it. You can find the pattern and a short tutorial here. It is in German but you probably won’t need a lot of help to find out what to do.

What you will need is:

about 1,5 m of one fabric (legs) and about 25 cm of another (waist band), about 1 m elastic (2,5 cm wide) and 1,5 m drawstring (I actually used a long black shoe string).

You can make such colourful patterned trousers with kind of satin fabric like the example of Brigitte magazine. I had lately bought a big bundle of simple medium-weight white cotton fabric to print or dye myself. This seemed to be a good project for my first tie-dye project since I probably was 15, the times, when I not only wore tie-dye shirts but also bell-bottom jeans with a lot of coloured patches all around…

What I did before the dyeing was to cut out the two leg pieces and sew them together. Then I first dyed them with turquoise colour and let dry. For the second layer I rolled the legs together (You could fold precisely I you want to.) and then tied a medium thick string around the roll at a few points. The colour result will depend on how strong and how often you tie the string around the fabric. I used this navy blue Simplicol textile colour which is used in the washing machine together with special fast salt and can be washed up to 95°C. Actually I created a bit of a mess in an around the washing machine and left some everlasting traces in navy blue … but that was my fault of not being careful enough when filling in the colour. What stayed white instead and didn’t want to soak the dye was the yarn I had used to sew the main part of the trousers… After drying the fabric again, I could finally finish the sewing.

After cutting out the waistband first check the sizing, then sew the short ends together right sides facing. Keep in mind that it is ment to be gathered a bit. I had to shorten my waistband, but this was also because the striped fabric I chose is a jersey fabric. Also, sew two button holes at the marked lines in the middle/front of the waist band (I used some interfacing as the jersey is quite thin.). At the top line fold fabric at the marked line wrong sides facing. Pin and sew along second line creating the drawstring casing. Finally sew waistband to main piece right sides facing. (Note: If you’re using jersey fabric like me, you should use an elastic machine stich.) Draw elastic through the casing with the help of a safety pin. Sew elastic together on a comfortable length. Draw string through the casing as well. Try trousers on and shorten legs if necessary. Fold bottom edges to wrong side along the marked lines and hem. You could also do some blind hemming. As always, I had to shorten my trousers by a few centimetres. And I decided to use the leftover fabric to sew a cuff hem, which adds a nice detail, I think.

That’s about it! Now: Feel comfortable and jump around!

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