Embrace – A whole bunch of bracelets

This selection of bracelets that you can see here were a longterm project of me, literally tying in with my passion for friendship bracelets when I were a teenager. The great thing about them, whether you are using a braiding, wrapping or knotting technic is, that you are totally mobile. You can start your bracelet practically everywhere, put it back into your pocket and finish it another time, although each of these bracelets doesn’t take too much time. You`re having a long bus or train ride ahead, looking for some other acitivity while watching TV than munching crackers, chocolate,… ? – Than this could be the right idea for you. It’s fun, contemplative and productive – as you can see.

Making these bracelets involves a shopping trip to the home improvement center (washers, hexnuts). I don’t know how familiar you are to those locations. I have very ambivalent feelings about those stores: I do enjoy walking through the endless gaps getting so many ideas for further DIY projects. But at the same time, it is a frightening place with strange … things … I just have no idea what they’re meant to be for. And then you’re looking for something concrete, something that seems very simple and unproblematic like, let’s say, white wall paint, you’ve managed your way through the labyrinth of tools to the gap that’s signed “paint” and … you stand in front of a huge, endless rack of uncountable white wall paints and  feel just helplessly lost. If you have the great luck to grab a member of staff – this is of course only my experience – it makes everything even worse, you feel even more stupid … and definitely at the wrong place.

Anyway, for these bracelets I only wanted to buy some washers and hexnuts, and only their look was of interest, no exact size, material needed… so this time my visit to the home improvement store was rather uncomplicated!

Have a look at those helpful tutorials for the different kinds of bracelets:

washer bracelet, hexnut bracelet, wrapped bracelet with beads, braided bracelet, braided hexnut bracelet

And then give free rein to your creativity, experiment with colours and materials! I used leather and waxed cotton string, natural twine, wood and glass beads in different sizes, … and of course washers and hexnuts from the home improvement store.

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