From scraps – Key ring band

Hey, here’s a simple little project for your spare time … or if you’re just procrastinating again 😦 Those easy-to-sew key ring bands are an ideal way to reduce your fabric scraps and in exchange fill up your box of little useful giveaways (next to the little wallets, the tissue cases,…).

In my case, I really needed a key ring band for my new  – blue – car.

I loosely followed this tutorial. You can use only one or combine different fabric scraps, add some ribbon or rickrack, applications…

I used a fabric piece sized 28 cm x 8 cm as well as woven ribbon and rickrack at the same length. Obviously you will also need a simple key ring (or D-ring).

Fold fabric stripe lengthwise right sides facing and sew together. Turn right sides out and topstich on both long sides close to seam. Applique ribbon and rickrack. Now put band through key ring and fold as seen on the picture. Fix band by sewing a line along the top as close to the ring as possible. You can leave the loop fully open or sew down lenghtwise as well and leave only a little hole open – just to fit your finger through (try to sew on your previous sewing line). That’s about it! Now: Be an early bird and prepare your christmas presents for all your colleagues. And while you’re at it: here’s a tutorial for the tissue cases.

WordPress just informed me that this is my 100 th post. Yeah, yeah, yeah…

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