Upcycling – Sweater into clutch

He recently cleared out his wardrobe. One of the pieces that were to be discarded was an old black knitted sweater, a bit faded, a bit outworn. But still, I thought, too good to just throw away. I took it out of the  bag already prepared to give away and instead did some improvisation sewing with this result: a simple but unique autumnal clutch with a whiff of art noveau.

Interested in more great ideas for upcycling projects? Have a look at We upcycle or the latest issue of “Eigenwerk”.

I cut out of the sweater two pieces: 29×29 cm for the back piece, 29×13 cm for the front piece. Additionally I cut two lining pieces and two pieces of interfacing for more stability in the same sizes. A divider pocket, somewhat lower than the rest of the bag, keeps order inside the bag.
The flap of the clutch (See the former cuff of the sweater?) I decorated with a broad woven ribbon. The bag closes with a big button – some spare button from an old coat. By the way: Is it only me collecting all the additional buttons that come with jackets, trousers, cardigans,… I’ve got a whole pouch full of them, and still collecting…

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