For travelling parents – Diaper pouch

diaper pouch I am increasingly surrounded by pregnant women and little babies at the moment … as a result, I am exploring whole new fields of sewing projects 😉 After a simple belly band, I sewed my first diaper pouch, inspired by an older tutorial from Anna of Noodlehead. I had bought some burlap coffee sacks for various sewing projects, but hadn’t used them till then, so this was also my first experiment in sewing with burlap.

Helpful are two things:

Use a narrow zigzag stich for sewing for a reinforced seam and to prevent fraying.

Dust your sewing machine afterwards – sewing with burlap is a fuzzy business.

diaper pouch

I like the rustic look of this diaper pouch – no pastel baby pink or baby blue. The size is just enough to hold a few diapers, that should help parents to stay away from home  for half a day.

More mummy and baby sewing projects are probably to follow, some ideas already in my mind. Do you have some nice sewing ideas? I would be curious to hear!

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