A new season and a new bag

shopping tote

After a few weeks where I just couldn’t find time for sewing I finally turned the sewing machine on again. I had bought some new fabrics that I was keen to use, f.ex. this tote’s beautiful screen printed fabric from Premier Prints Shiba collection, that I bought with some other amazing fabrics at this little Etsy shop.

I stayed with my favourite sewing projects: bags – in all sizes and styles.  Some of them went into my Dawanda shop. As you can see, at the moment I am totally into colour and pattern blocks, graphic designs and bright warm colours. That’s my way now to hold out against the cold winter weather: ignoring it and preparing for spring season!


The yellow bottomed tote I made just for me. I wanted a rather big tote that easily holds a DINA4 notepad or small case binder, and that I could use when going to the farmers market, too. The size of the fabric pieces I started with was 40x45cm. After boxing the corners to add some depth to the bag, the final size of my tote is now 36x38x12 cm.

shopping tote

Additionally I attached a pocket to the lining and – for safety reasons – a magnetic snap. As I worked with leather straps and rivets for the first time, it took some trial and error to get the right equipment together. When I bought the leather straps I thought 2x 50 cm should be enough, but when I tried it out I found them to be measured a bit tightly. Therefor I fixed them only with one rivet on each side to keep as much of the strap length as possible. Not a perfect solution – but learned for the next bag.

The few days I carried this bag with me it turned out so practically – and spirit lifting – that I am thinking about making an improved version for my shop… with bright colours of course!

shopping tote


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