Spiced up

Jerusalem Ottolenghi

It’s back – the passion for cooking! Only now that I feel this prickling again, I realize that I had lost it for a while. The emotionally exhausting last months catapulted me into a kind of sensual and creative ice age. But now not only nature awakens from its winter sleep and rises again, but so do I. My personal situation turned for the best I could imagine and suddenly I can feel the energy for creativity again – yes!

It was an amazing cooking book that triggered the buried indulgence and joy for cooking and eating: “Jerusalem” by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi captivated me from the first page, I could sense all those herbs and spices … mint, parsley, coriander, lemon, sesame, sumach, garlic … I was woken up! When I combed through my spices to start my “Jerusalem” cooking with making some essential spice blends, I realized that I had to do one thing before: sort my spices … and therefore I needed more space.


So I bought a new spice rack (actually it is a very practical trolley table). Then I reorganized and labeled all my spices. I had also been to the turkish supermarket to complete my collection. (I made interesting food discoveries there, but more about this later…).

Finally I made two spice blends from Ottolenghis and Tamimis book: baharat, a very essential spice blend in their cooking book, and hawayej, a Yemenite spice blend that has found its way into Jerusalem cuisine. And that was only the beginning!


  1. That looks glorious – and that little trolley table has been on my mind for a while, too. (I’d put it on our balkony, though.)
    I’ve been wanting that book, too – but first I’ll read your next articles on it. Looking forward to it!

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