Dimensional – Geometric wall art

hexagon - cube

New season, new decoration!

For quite a while now I had the idea to create something similiar to those cute snug. magnets. The optical illusions created simply by rhombs arranged in different ways is fascinating. And the wall next to my working desk definitely needed a renewal. At least I am sitting there many hours each day. This would be a great eyecatcher and bring as well a bit more wideness (at least visual) into this corner of the room.

So, first of all I had to make a template. And that was the point were maths, to be precise geometry came into play … not exactly my forte. I spare length explanations on how I managed to find the right measures and only present the final outcome of this process of trial and error: The sides of my rhombes are sized 18×18 cm respectively 9×9 cm. The angles – the tricky part – need to be 120° and 60° – put together they form a hexagon … that magically looks like a cube.

hexagon - cube

After I succeeded in this, I inspected the box of various papers I am collecting (and that’s not the only thing I’m collecting…). I went for mostly single-coloured paper and combined this with some retro patterns – an interesting mixture. After cutting out all the rhombes I fixed them on the wall with some masking tape on the back. Finally I added the cut out letterings that had been on the wall before, but now don’t look that lost anymore. And the wall as a whole? – Definitely a “Blickfang” (eyecatcher) that provokes “Staunen” (amazement) with the viewers now!


  1. Anna

    Juhu, Omas Tapete! Gefällt mir gut! Ich wäre ja hoffungslos überfordert damit gewesen, diese Flächen auszurechnen…

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