Above it all – a summer picnic


Summer has finally arrived! And what would be a summer without evenings in the open air?

Last weekend we decided to spend our summer evening at one of our favourite places around the town, on a nearby hill. The way up there is quite steep and on my way up I regularly curse my idea to walk up there, but once arrived on the top …  you have such an amazing view over the whole town; surrounded only by some other strollers and a chilling breeze you can watch the sun slowly setting, leaving the busy working week behind you.



To make it a real picnic a packed some homemade food and some bottles of beer in my backpack, that I had just finished sewing (tutorial upcoming) – a good chance to try some of my lately bookmarked recipes. I knew I would love Vivianes kalács when I saw the pictures and read the recipe on her beautiful blog @ Down Under. It’s a kind of filled bread, but with a little twist – literally. It’s such a perfect dish to bring along at a party or picnic  – simple, yummy, decorative, eatable without any cutlery! I only adjusted the dough-filling ratio a bit to my liking … or a bit more: I filled half of the dough with the regular amount of sour cream filling. And I topped the kalács with sesame seed instead of sunflower seeds. And what can I say: My first impression proved true! I am sure this will become one of my classic dishes to bring with me as a party guest.



Besides the kalács we took up the hill some small garden radishes and simple meatballs.

As a little dessert I made my first experiment in pie crust. I gave Susannes crust recipe a try and made some little blueberry handpies … well yes, to say this first: they really tasted nice and I liked the texture of the crust. The look … definitely needs some more practice.



What are your favourite picnic or summer party recipes?




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