Customized – Retro look tarva dresser

tarva make over 1

Finally! Look what I’ve made…

It’s already about half a year ago since I’ve bought this tarva dresser from Ikea – with the idea of giving it a face lift…

but it didn’t happen a lot – till last weekend.

tarva make over 2

In a sudden spate of activity I looked for some inspiration and help on the internet (Have a look at this pinterest board), drove to the building centre, bought wood glaze and paint … and in the evening I had my work finished! (And my back hurt quite badly.)

tarva make over 4

I was inspired by those beautiful mid-century furniture and patterns.

So I looked through my fabrics and finally went for the Amy Butler fabric that you can see on middle drawer (bought it here). With the help of two coats of mod podge I covered the drawer with it (Didn’t manage to do it without some small crinkles.).

The other two drawers were painted with silk mat acrylic paint. I first had intended to do two coats of paint, but when I saw the result after painting the first time, I decided I liked that the wood structure shines a bit through. Top and sides I painted with this chestnut brown paint-glaze.

I had wanted to stain it, but when I talked to the lady in the building centre she told me that this would look like stain (and it does) but I wouldn’t need another coat of paint or wood oil to protect it from humidity … bought!

tarva make over 5

After a few days the last splashes of paint on my arms and hands are finally washed off – my enthusiasm for our new retro style dresser and the pride that I’VE DONE THAT is still there … the best thing about DIY, isn’t it?!

tarva make over 3


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