To keep you warm – Crocheted house slippers

crocheted house slippers

Hadn’t it just been summer? And now the chilly days of winter are coming closer and closer. In some parts of southern Germany we already had snow a few weeks ago! Hey, what’s going on?! November has just begun and winter had finally given up this year as late as April! Is that what climate change will mean for us?

But you’re adjusting … Now my wardrobe is shifted again: warm clothes in the front – T-Shirts in the back again and the hot water bottle began its service again.:(

Winter Is Coming crochet bag

I also followed the advice of this cute bag I had discovered a while ago: “Winter is coming. Crochet faster!” – And I did.

crocheted house slippers

When evenings are getting longer, the pleasure of crocheting and knitting comes back each year … and I turn to my favourite ressource for patterns: the norwegian site DROPS. You can find an endless number of modern knitting and crocheting patterns and instructions – translated in all European languages! The yarns they are producing are great quality as well – but you can as well use yarn by other labels. Just make sure that the gauge is the same.

crocheted house slippers

I had some remaining thick “Eskimo” and similar yarns in my yarn basket and looked for a small project to use them up. I decided to crochet those cute tip toe house slippers – a kind of dip dyed ballet flats for winter that keep your feet warm! … And somehow I became addicted to sitting on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, and crocheting. So one pair of slippers became … four in the end. And I had to buy some more yarn, this time I bought Pro Lana Wash-Filz.

Now, not only my feet are kept warm, but also those of all other women in my family!

I made one minor change to the original pattern: As I found that my first pair were a bit loose-fitting, I made the final row around the opening a bit tighter by doing less crochets.

crocheted house slippers

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