Feel like a king – Weekender bag “König”

Weekender König1

It’s already months ago that I’ve bought this CD called Taschenspieler – a compilation of 11 sewing patterns + tutorials (plus: a lot of useful tips) for different kinds of bags – from the little coin pouch to the king of bags: the travelbag “König” (king). I had meanwhile lend the CD to my mum who sewed amongst others a really cute beauty case …

I had nearly forgotten about the CD when I got it back. And now I finally got started (with christmas ahead 😉 ).

Weekender König2

I didn’t start with any of the projects, but the biggest … but not enough: I decided to adjust the pattern at the first time of sewing. Yes, you could call this hubris!

I wanted the bag to be a little bit lower than the original one – just a weekender (I also considered to follow this pattern and tutorial for a weekender bag by Anna from Noodlehead … perhaps another time.). I also changed the rounded top slightly, made it a bit more “edgy”.

Those changes of course involved some further adjustments when it came to assembling the different pieces of the bag … If you want it a bit more relaxed when sewing this bag the first time, I recommend staying with the pattern. It is in general very comprehensive, although I think you need some experience.

Weekender König3

Anyway it all worked out well in the end – and I really love the outcome. Actually, when I had finished the sewing, I had to walk our corridor up and down several times, the bag on my shoulder, stopping at the mirrow and making elegant poses … yes, I am proud of this bag!

As a little extra I sewed a removable (velcro) shoulder pad that can cover both handles – useful when carrying heavier luggage.

I think the colour combination really came out good: As I used 6 different fabrics, but still wanted a kind of “clean” look, I chose two unicoloured fabrics, the sides are accented with stripes and the pockets with this graphic pattern. For the bottom I chose washable and robust mexican oil cloth. Voilá!

Sadly, the king has to be kept back for another 5 weeks…

Weekender König4


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