Already this time again – Paper stars and balls

paper ornaments

Is it already this time of the year? Yes, it is! The christmas countdown has started. The first door of the advent calendar is opened. And if one advent calendar is just not enough for you, check out these virtual advent calendars of bloggers (with real things to win):

Sodapop advent calendar, Gaarn advent calendar, Kwerfeldein advent calendar, Backbube advent calendar, relleoMein advent calendar, handcrafting [special] advent calendar, 24 Merry Days 2013

paper ornaments

…I brought at least some advent feeling into our apartement with these little christmas paper ornaments. Together with the smell of the different cone tree sprigs, some lighted candles and a cup of tea christmas is in the air…

paper ornaments

This folded paper star is a very popular one in Germany, you can find them even in really miniature versions on christmas trees (kind of a competition: how small can you go…). They are named after the reformist pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel (although he personally hasn’t anything to do with it). He’s – by the way – the one who developed the concept (and the term) “kindergarten“. The interesting fact for me, when I had to look up the english name: In English this three-dimensional star is called “German star“. Alright, so this might be more typically German than I thought?

paper ornaments

Anyway, I have to admit that I always found this kind of paper star a bit old-fashioned, grandma style. But then I stumbled over these beautiful modern patterned paper stripes for Fröbel stars … and I was blown away.

Those paper stripes from Rico Design come with a pictured step-by-step tutorial. Additionally you can watch their video tutorial – very helpful if you’re doing this for the first time (There are tons of Youtube video tutorials as well.). Once you’ve got the hang of it, it isn’t difficult at all!

paper ornaments

What can I say? – With this lovely coloured paper and some neon pink thread Fröbel stars aren’t dusty at all – and folding the stars is so contemplative and therefore addictive!

I made the cute little paper balls – I had done bigger ones before – with the little paper scraps that were left over from the Fröbel stars. Just too good to throw away. A nice addition for our mini christmas tree!

Finally I folded some origami lucky stars. Luck is never wrong, isn’t it?

paper ornaments



  1. Ulrike

    Hallo Julia
    super schön deine bunte Adventsdekoration. Nachdem Marie die Kerzen für den Adventskranz ausgesucht hat (rot, pink, rosa, lila) wird unsere Weihnachtsdeko dieses Jahr auch eher bunt als klassisch. Wo hast du denn die Anleitung für die Glückssterne gefunden? Ich habe mal so einen geschenkt bekommen, habe aber keine Ahnung wie man die macht.
    Ich wünsch dir eine schöne Adventszeit

    • Liebe Uli, die lucky stars zu machen ist wirklich sehr einfach. Das kriegen auch deine Kleinen hin – in rot, pink, rosa und lila natürlich 😉
      Hier ist z.B. ein kleines Video-Tutorial:

      Euch auch eine entspannte Adventszeit!

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