Blank pages – Hello 2014!


I hope you all had great holidays with your families and a good start into the new year … which is already 1½ days old.

Another 363½ days to come. A new diary full of blank pages.

What kind of year will you be 2014? What experiences are awaiting? Who will I be after these 363½ days?

… Somehow or other: I am ready! Ready for new challenges that life will bring, new places, new people, new experiences, tears of joy and tears of sadness.


Since a few years now this weekly notebook diary from Moleskine – “a handy and versatile planner with the freedom of the notebook” – is my faithful companion through the years. They’re piling up in my drawer – I can’t throw them away, just lay them aside.

Yesterday, I finally laid aside my 2013 diary. It looks worn now, with scratches, dents, stains … it has lived with me 365 days.

The new one looks still perfectly new. I’ve just removed the packaging foil, personalised it with masking tape, flipped through the blank pages, thought about which stickers I might need in 2014, marked first dates.


This year I’ve got another companion for the upcoming 363½ days, actually a gift I made myself: the Typodarium 2014 – for my “daily dose of type inspiration”.

I am excited what 2014 will bring!


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