Heat and heal – Ginger syrup

ginger syrup

Just around the turn of the year we received an uninvited guest … called cold.

For me it’s kind of predictable meanwhile: a few days off work – and your body strikes back.

ginger syrup

So, when he started to sniff and use up our stock of tissues, I knew it was time – for ginger tea!

It is not a big secret that ginger is a wideknown home remedy against colds, especially against upcoming colds. And so it is in our household! Besides the health benefits of ginger tea, I really love the tangy taste, that warmes your body from inside.

For a long time I simply used to brew two or three slices of ginger with hot water, add some lemon juice and honey.

ginger syrup

Don’t ask me why it only lately came to my mind that I actually could prepare ginger syrup to have the base for this tea always at hand. What a good idea – finally! And so easy to make!

Don’t stop to use this syrup only to create a healthy hot beverage. You can also use it to make a refreshing ginger ale in summer, use it in cocktails or long drinks, for baking and cooking … hey, the sky is the limit!

ginger syrup

Ginger syrup (makes about 2 bottles at 330 ml)

about 150 g peeled and sliced ginger, 400 g sugar, 800 ml water, 1 tablespoon citric acid

In big pot bring water, ginger and sugar to boil. Simmer for about 1 hour. Sieve through a cheese cloth. Bring to boil once again, add citric acid and fill into sterilized bottles.

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