So hip(ster) – Drawstring backpack made from handprinted fabric

drawstring backpack

After this recent fabric printing project I went a bit further. I wanted to try some more geometric patterns, my own patterns.

… and I turned to the classic of handprinting: potato stamps! After a bit of cutting, I had made my (sadly non-permanent) “3D” stamp. Jute fabric, (black) textile colour and method of heat sealing were the same as here.

fabric print

And what better use for a hip geometric pattern than a hipster “Turnbeutel” (drawstring backpack)?! Even better: Why not sew two of them – with some variations – for two of my best friends?

drawstring backpack

For a while I thought about whether adding a lining fabric or not. The jute fabric would have been robust enough without … but then I’m no friend of visible seams. So I went for a corresponding black lining. It looks just more professional.

drawstring backpack

To sew a drawstring backpack is not that big thing, anyway this tutorial by Anna from Noodlehead gave me some help. With some modifications I followed her advice. One of these was of course the size.

For my adult drawstring backpack I cut:

2 pieces exterior fabric 40 x 50 cm

2 pieces lining fabric 40 x 50 cm

2 pieces cord each about 180 cm

Other changes I made were the eyelets I used instead of fabric tabs for the cord. Additionally I rounded the bottom a bit and reinforced the opening of the drawstring casing with some topstiching.

drawstring backpack


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