My work space I – DIY geometric memory board and masking tape holder

DIY memory board

Already weeks have passed since I promised to show the outcome of my working space redo. Ans still there are some things in progress, some improvements to make.

Anyway I decided to start my little tour around my desk – showing you the things I made during the last weeks step by step.

DIY memory board

One of the elements I changed was this (dormer) wall next to my desk.

A while ago I had decorated it with a DIY chalk board that was also magnetic. But in the end I had to realize that I never really used the chalk board (perhaps because it reminded me to much of my work at school?!). It also made the dormer quite dark.

I wanted more lightness, but still a place where I could easily pin pictures, postcards, important dates and numbers, and … stuff.

DIY memory board

I am still into geometric patterns and black&white colour scheme. So – with the help of about 50 pins and about 150 of these rubber bands in black and white – I created this practical and decorative memory board aka mood board aka pin board.

As the white bands visually nearly merge with the white wall, it’s mainly black lines that you see from a little distance, while the triangular pattern emerges as you come closer.

As you may see, I didn’t use a ruler, just followed my visual judgement … that obviously is fallible 😉 If you want the pattern to be geometrically exact: The angles of the equilateral triangles should be each 60°.

DIY masking tape holder

The memory board is complemented by holder for my (growing) collection of masking tapes.

I can’t claim the idea to create a tape holder from a simple clothes hanger to be mine, I’ve seen it on Maartjes blog silly old suitcase.

It’s a cheap, super easy and quick DIY – yet such a great way to organize and display your tapes. Basically all you need are: a metal clothes hanger, pliers and wire-shears.

DIY masking tape holder

By the way: On this digital pin board I am collecting all masking tape related inspiration. Have a look and get inspired as well!

DIY masking tape holder

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